ISLAND TRIBE™ was born in 2001 in Southern California, USA as an underground movement. We’re the Pioneers, the first ever brand of its kind to design and promote diverse Island cultures into one single label. To collectively acknowledge and celebrate the rich history, heritage, culture, humor, music, beauty and essence of the many tropical paradises around the world. I started this journey with my brother Dominic, sister Joann, brother-in-law Frank, and cousin Louie, and together we traveled throughout the western united states passionately sharing our L.O.M.I. story, “the LOVE of MANY ISLANDS”.

As a minority and family owned company, ISLAND TRIBE’s™ unique lifestyle brand resonates with people of all walks and colors of life. Islanders and non-Islanders alike, surfers, skaters, boarders, hip-hop crews, fire knife dancers, MMA fighters and athletes, etc., have found that natural connection to express their affection and support when wearing our gear. We’re the going against the grain, big round coconut fitting into a banana shaped hole, band of misfits, and it works! It’s been our relentless goal to mix in a little bit of Golden-Brown Deliciousness into an already vanilla kind of world, a home the international community has positively embraced.

Although our iconic registered name and logo trademark has organically grown into a global On-Line Social Interactive destination, it goes beyond that. We’re more than just a cool, hip, fashion statement, we’re all about Giving Back to disadvantage Islander street kids. So, it’s not just about us, and our Passion, Drive and Purpose is to give back. When you support us by buying ISLAND TRIBE gear, each single item purchased is matched with contribution gifts. This initiative is called 1on1-BACK to BACK, the plan is simple, I.T. will feed, clothe and gift quality footwear to innocent children in economic hardship environments. So, as an ISLAND TRIBE™ patron, know that together you’re helping us make a difference, one kid a time!


The tribal SPEAR TIP and “Love of Many Islands” tag line are not only registered trademarks, but our lifeblood, and your underground Lifestyle Brand!

As the Rapper Savage puts it,

“We’re all about getting back to the islands, back to my roots, pack my bags up and be there soon, coconut trees, and island breeze and nothing but white sands upon my feet, just chill, relax and just stay still”

Each point represents a tropical paradise.

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