Welcome one and all to the US Island Tribe Ambassadorship Program. Over the years Island Tribe has become more than just a cool lifestyle brand for many people across the island nations of the world.  We’ve made it our mission, passion, and goal to also Feed, Clothe and Serve impoverished and forgotten street kids in Pacific and Polynesian Islands through a matching gift program with every online purchase.  You’re being recruited to join our tribe in helping us make a positive difference for the many voiceless and neglected kids in the islands. As an IT Ambassador, you’ll be spreading awareness of the Island Tribe brand at approved campus activities.  Events such as clubs, leisure venues, recreational, religious, honor society, diversity/cultural, dances, intramural sports, fundraisers, etc., all sponsored by IT.

Another plus in partnering with us is gaining valuable work experience by collaborating with our corporate leadership and most importantly team building with your peers, other top performing ambassadors across the country.  One incredible incentive is to be selected to the Passport Club where the top metric performer will have the opportunity to join us on our annual international mission trip to a remote tropical paradise (TBD).  This will include an all-expense paid journey and the opportunity to meet and work with the Founder, Ming Clemente himself.

We're very approachable and excited to help you become successful so don’t hesitate to ask?


Hunter G. Vagt 

Team Leader, North America



The Ins-and-Outs

  • Successfully completing the application process and being accepted into the program you will be sent a welcome package with Island Tribe merchandise to be used to creatively market the brand.
  • You may request additional merchandise for events by contacting a member of our ambassador team and providing us with ample advance notice.
  • Each month we’ll have challenges for you to complete, which can be done on your time frame. We encourage all of our ambassadors to be creative and unique in how they present Island Tribe. The more challenges you complete means the more points you’ll accumulate. At the end of each month we’ll see who our top performing ambassadors are, and they’ll be in the running to join us on our mission trips.

If you have any questions or concerns at all, please feel free to reach out to me?

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