ISLAND TRIBE™ was born in 2001 in Southern California, USA. We pioneered a movement to be the first brand to acknowledge, promote, and celebrate the rich history, heritage, culture, humor, music, and beauty of the island cultures around the world. As a minority and family-owned company, ISLAND TRIBE’s™ unique lifestyle brand resonates with people of all colors and walks of life. Islanders and non-islanders, surfers, skaters, athletes, and more all have found a natural connection to the island life through our gear.

What makes us special? We’re so much more than just a cool, hip, and fashionable clothing company. We’re all about giving back to children in need throughout the many islands of the world. When you support us by buying ISLAND TRIBE™ gear, we match every item of your purchase with a equal donation to a child in need. This initiative we’ve created is called 1on1 / BACK to BACK. Remember that if you choose to make a purchase, you’re not just supporting the Tribe, you’re getting the peace of mind, that your purchase will directly make a positive impact on the life of a child in need… and THAT is a cause that we, the ISLAND TRIBE™ believe in!

Tribal Chief



The tribal SPEAR TIP and “Love of Many Islands” tag line are not only registered trademarks, but our lifeblood, and your underground Lifestyle Brand!

As the Rapper Savage puts it,

“We’re all about getting back to the islands, back to my roots, pack my bags up and be there soon, coconut trees, and island breeze and nothing but white sands upon my feet, just chill, relax and just stay still”

 Each point represents a tropical paradise.


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