Life Span of Island Tribe Masks

I have been using my Island Tribe facemasks for the past 3 months, wearing them at least twice a week, and washing them after every use. I run them through the washing machine on the normal mode, and hang dry them. I work as a Chef for Colorado State University, so I wear these masks quite often. I also deal with lots of sweat, humidity, food stuffs, high heat, and freezing cold. This mask has held up great. 

The colors are all still vibrant and true to the original way I got them, there are no frayed stitchings and the ear bands still hold true to size. I can’t say enough good things about these masks. As someone who has put these through the ringer so to speak, this is very impressive. I would highly suggest that if you are still looking for a mask, and are worried about the durability of these, don’t be. If they can last this long on my face, and still be perfect, you should have no issues at all. 


I am so in love with these, and I am going to buy more. Excellent craftsmanship and excellent build quality, with profits going towards a good cause. Brilliant.