Sandals with ENERGY

In Hawaiian, Mana means spiritual energy. This energy can be both internal and external. The concept of this spiritual energy is similar to what we see in other cultures like Shinto’s understanding of energy, and Buddhism’s Viriya. No matter what religion or culture, it seems you can always find a form of the terminology for Mana, or energy within.


So, when I saw these Mana Beach Sandals, I knew I had to give them a shot. Not because of the name, but because of the materials and construction. As someone who has lived in Oahu for their whole lives essentially, I have tried many many slippas/flip-flops/sandals in my time. 


We all know the drill, you got to the ABC store, the 7-11, pick up the $5 pair of flip flops and then wear them until the strap breaks or holes form in the bottoms, and even then you can find ways to extend the life on them. So seeing the price tag on the Mana Sandals kind of threw me off at first. After seeing the construction however, I think that you are actually getting quite the smoking hot deal for these babies. 


Now, I am not so sure what the terminology means for the sandals on the webpage. As you can see, there are terms such as “Musubi Tech” and “Rebound Performance”. All I can say is that after wearing them for a long time, the straps are really nice, non irritating leather that just hug your feet. Feels like very high quality stuff, the strap also goes very deep into the sandal itself, meaning that you won’t have the middle part of the strap bust through the sandal anytime soon. This is a common issue with most cheaper sandals. The bottoms of the sandals are quite sturdy, even after walking on gravel, pavement, and other rough terrain for a long time I haven’t noticed any of the material degrading or wearing down. The cushioning on the heels and the ergonomics of the sandal itself curve to your feet, in addition each step feels like walking on a cloud. Very comfortable in every sense of the word. 

So in short, I could not recommend these enough. It seems expensive at first, but after much usage of them and inspecting of the materials they are made out of, they are very high quality and honestly the best sandals you can get for the price point. They are comfortable as they are durable, and also they look quite good and pair with most any outfit. If you are in the market looking for a new pair of sandals that will last you a long time, I’d say these are the perfect choice. Amazing job to those at Island Tribe!

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