Best Face Mask Ever??

Ever wonder why there are so many bad face masks out there? There are so many people and companies that have jumped on the face mask bandwagon over these past few months with COVID-19 on the loose, but few actually can execute the product well.

Enter Island Tribe. These face masks are Made in the USA, all purchases go towards helping children in the Philippines, fitted to specific sizes, and to top it all off, they are actually well made! The stitching and overall construction of these face masks are astounding, durable and does not scratch your face up when you wear it for hours at a time. I would know, because I’m a full time chef!

Because I am a full time chef, I have had to wear many many different kinds of face masks. From handmade ones on Etsy, to handmade ones from coworkers, to ones made by big name companies. Also disposable ones, but those are just awful. Feels like you are wearing a cotton swap on your face for hours! 

Long story short, the comfort of these Island Tribe face masks is unmatched, along with their quality and durability. With a mission that supports children in need with every purchase, you can make a guilt free buy on these beautiful pieces. I have yet to find a better face mask, and for how cheap these are, it is a steal. Take it from someone who has had to wear these for more than 20 hours a week throughout the pandemic thus far, do yourself a favor, and treat your face to paradise. 




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